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Irish Blended whiskey 40%


  • Colour: Rich, deep amber Nose: Mellow pot still whiskey with toasted wood and sherry undertones Taste: Smooth and sweet with woody and nutty tones Finish: Incredibly smoothyear 0000

Irish Blended whiskey 40%

Tullamore Dew

  • A blend of triple-distilled pot still and malt, plus grain whiskey; matured in ex-bourbon and sherry casks. Restrained apple & blackcurrant leafy nose. Lovely silky palate. Soft and spicy finish. year 0000

Irish Blended whiskey 40%


  • A lighter grain whiskey. You’ll notice it’s rich, smooth warming taste almost instantly. It’s an easy-drinking, versatile whiskey that can be enjoyed neat, over ice or with your favourite mixer.year 0000

Single malt scotch 40%

Glen Moray

  • Nose: Bursting with dried fruits, cinnamon and toffee candy. Taste: Incredible layers of sweet vanilla oak, dark chocolate and oriental spice. Finish: Satisfyingly long with a tingle of spice.year 2016

Single Malt Scotch 40%


  • Distinctively fresh and fruity with a hint of pear. Beautifully crafted and delicately balanced. Taste: Characteristic sweet, fruity notes. Develops into butterscotch, cream, malt and subtle oak flavours. Finish: A long smooth and mellow finish.year 0000

Blended Scotish 40%

Grouse Smokey Black

  • Famous Grouse Smoky Black was renamed from Black Grouse at the end of 2015. This blend is based on peated Islay malts, and offers 'reassuring smoothness with aromatic, peaty flavours'. year 0000

Highland Single Malt 40%


  • The palate is sweet and clean, with notes of malt and delicate peat. The finish is malty with hint of citrus. Aroma: creamy with hints of fruit, sherry and a hint of smoke. Taste: sweet and clean, with notes of malt and delicate peat. Final: Malty, with a slight hint of citrus.year 0000

Single Malt Scotch 40%

Glenlivet Reserve

  • Colour: Pale gold. Nose: Delicate aromas of citrus fruit, notably sweet orange. Palate: Sweet, fruit notes of zesty oranges and pears, with a hint of candy, toffee apples. Well-balanced and exceptionally smooth. Finish: Long, creamy and smooth.year 0000

Single Malt Scotch 40%

Bowmore Islay

  • The current 12yo bottling is a welcome return to the classic Bowmores of the 1960s and '70s, with the emphasis on tropical fruit and smoke. A deserved runner-up in our Whisky of the Year 2014-15 blind tasting. year 0000

Single Malt Scotch 40%

Jura 10 yo

  • Light and delicate with a warming honey finish Now comes the techie part: this is aged in ex-Bourbon casks for 10 years. Some say it tastes of oak with hints of honey, caramel and soft liquorice, but then again everyone is different. year 2006

Single Malt Scotch 40%

Old Pulteney 12 yo

  • Colour: Deep amber with a slight pink hue.
    Nose: Medium to high intensity, dry with a briny hint of sea air. Palate: Sweet, floral, citrus: lemon and lime plus dry banana skin.
    Smooth and faintly salty.year 2005

Single Malt Scotch 40%

Highland Park 12yo

  • Palate: Starts off with syrup sweetness, quickly moving on to sour and creamy wood, with more tropical chews, pineapple and smoked orange rind. Finish: Smoky wood, malt syrup, green pine cones and woody spice.year 2005

Single Malt Scotch 40%

Royal Lochnagar 12

  • Nose: Not obvious to begin with. Planed wood, light toffee, boat varnish. Linseed oil behind, even putty, and later a lychee-like acidity. With water the acidity comes through (acid drops), and the nose sweetens. Still a pleasant fresh woodiness, followed by warm sand. After a while, coffee with brown sugar.year 2005

Single Malt Scotch 40%


  • Nose: Soft, clean and refreshing: lemon sherbert and apricots, with honeyed fruit and a touch of toffee and vanilla. Gentle and satisfying. Palate: A little weightier on the palate, with honey and malt, banana bread and subtle sweet spices. Clean and well balanced. Finish: The honeyed fruit fades softly. Finish is whistle-clean.year 0000

Welsh Whiskey 40%


  • Tasting Notes
    Nose: A classic freshness with aromas of cream toffee, rich fruit and raisins.
    Palate: Crisp and finely rounded, with the sweetness to balance an appetising dryness.

    Finish: Notes of tropical fruit, raisins and vanilla persist.year 2005

Canadian Whisky 40%

Canadian Club

  • The nose is of medium-body with notes of barley sugar and aniseed, notes of cut grass and fennel, a hint of straw and a vegetal freshness. The palate is quite sweet and gentle. There are notes of winter spice and dark sugars, a touch of rum.
    The finish is of medium-sweetness and of medium-length.year 0000

Bourbon Whiskey 45%

Bulleit Bourbon

  • Rich and spicy, with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, and crème brûlée topped with Demerara sugar.
    Hints of dried apricot, grape and almonds. Good spicy kick of rye first up, then softer notes of dried fruit and sweet spice follow.
    Toasty and nutty, with enough fruitiness to soften out the edges.year 0000

Bourbon Whiskey 40%

Early Times Old Reserve

  • A Kentucky bourbon from the Brown-Forman portfolio. With a high percentage of corn in the blend, Old Reserve is light, sweet and rich caramel notes. Rrelaxed sweet bourbon, that wears its high-corn-percentage on its sleeve. Plenty of vanilla-rich caramel and a crack of pepper. year 0000

American Whiskey 43%

Jack Daniels

  • Aromas of honeyed fruit and golden syrup. Rich, but clean and precise, with an appealing nuttiness.
    Drier than expected, with broad strokes of honey, popcorn and cinnamon, countered by punchy, peppery notes, some numbing clove notes, and toasty oak. year 0000

Whiskey Liqueur 45%

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

  • Long awaited in the UK, with a big following in the USA, this is Jack Daniel's honey and whiskey liqueur. A mix of regular Old No 7 and a spiced honey liqueur, it's got spice, sweetness, floral undertones and a smooth finish. Drink over ice, chilled or even in a cup of coffee – it's rather tasty. year 0000

English Gin 47%

Tanqueray No. Ten

  • A litre bottle of Tanqueray higher strength version, bottled at 47.3%. Boasting a higher percentage of juniper than any other gin, this is a perennial favourite, and still the benchmark. year 0000

Bourbon Whiskey 45%

Maker's Mark

  • Fruity and rich, with spiced honey and mixed peels, hazelnut and a touch of cut fruit with toasty oak backbone. Rich and full. notes of rye and spice, barley, a little nut oil, butterscotch and vanilla. year 0000

English Gin 40%

Bombay Saphire

  • A litre bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin. Launched in 1987, it has become a truly iconic brand, with its distinctive blue bottle recognisable in bars the world over. year 0000

English Gin 41%

Hendrick's Gin

  • A superb, and utterly unique, pink-tinged gin from William Grant's. Infused with rose petals and cucumber as well as the normal botanicals, this is a must for all gin-lovers. year 0000

English Gin 43%

Whitley Neill Dry Gin

  • A London Dry Gin made with African botanicals including extracts from the Baobab Tree (known as the Tree of Life) and Physalis fruit. It's made in a one-hundred-year-old copper pot still. very spicy and rich. Juniper upfront with hints of perfumed coriander leaves and citrusyear 0000

Gin Liqueur 20%

Raspberry Gin liqueur

  • A limited edition gin-based liqueur made with natural raspberry concentrate and pure cane sugar combined with Edinburgh gin, which features additional botanicals including milk thistle and heather. year 0000

Gin Liqueur 20%

Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

  • This addition to Edinburgh Gin's liqueur range is a combination of spring rhubarb, macerated in oriental ginger and lemon zest before being infused with Edinburgh Gin. Best served in a long drink with lemonade. year 0000

Scotish Vodka 40%

Blackwoods Vodka

  • Blackwoods Vodka is distilled five times before it is infused. The four botanicals used are meadow sweet, sea pink, angelica and marsh marigold, which Blackwoods also use in their gins. This comes in their redesigned bottle that shows a rather windy scene inspired by the weather.year 0000

Russian Vodka 40%

Russian Standard

  • Russian Standard vodka has been distilled to the Tsar's "premium quality standard" since 1894. It is a classic Russian vodka. Russian Standard has come from out of nowhere to grab a large slice of the premium vodka market in UK year 0000

French Vodka 40%


  • A high-quality vodka from Ciroc, made from 'snap frost' grapes that are cold fermented before being distilled in a combination of steel and copper stills.
    The end result is a crisp and clean-tasting French vodka. year 0000

French Vodka 37%

Cîroc Red Berry

  • blended with essences of raspberries and strawberries to give it a vibrant flavour profile. As you may have heard, when Puff Daddy isn't making hip-hop, he oversees the branding and marketing of Ciroc Vodka. year 0000

French Vodka 37%

Ciroc Mango Vodka

  • A lip-smacking French Mango Vodka edition of Cîroc vodka, made using grapes which are harvested while still frozen, and distilled 5 times. Enjoy on it's own over ice, or mixed with your favourite tropical juice.year 0000

French Vodka 37%

Cîroc Pineapple

  • Made with French grapes which are harvested when frozen and distilled 5 times, this Pineapple flavour variation brings a vibrant tropical twist to the vodka, which pairs well with lemonade. year 0000

French Vodka 37%

Cîroc Apple Vodka

  • A delightfully sweet addition to the Ciroc range, unveiled in late 2015. Top quality vodka made with French grapes that are harvested when frozen, distilled 5 times and this time it's flavoured with apple!year 0000

Russian Vodka 37%

Smirnoff Gold

  • A cinnamon-flavoured vodka pot-distilled and filtered through seven tons of charcoal in a painstaking process designed to produce a vodka of rare purity, with floating pieces of gold leaf. year 0000

Polish Vodka 40%

Bisongrass Vodka

  • One of the best Polish vodkas available. Flavoured with a special kind of aromatic bison grass that is so prized, it costs £400 per kilo. 1 stem of Bison Grass in every bottleyear 0000

Swedish Vodka 40%

Absolut Kurant Vodka

  • A unique flavoured Absolut,
    blended with natural extracts of blackcurrants,
    showing cassis aromas and a palate of concentrated blackcurrant and dark fruit flavours. year 0000

Russian Vodka 37%

Stolichnaya Raspberry Vodka

  • Stoli Razberri is Russian vodka distilled from wheat and flavoured with raspberries.Fresh and fruity, with a dry finish, a wonderful integrity of flavour and goes well with a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade. year 0000

Absinthe 55%

(black absinthe)

  • Apsinthion is a Polish absinthe.
    Made with lemon balm, fennel and star anise, among other botanicals.

    A particularly sweet absinthe, with a good kick of citrus at the core.year 0000

Tequila 15%

Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream

  • Launched originally in the USA where it enjoyed huge success, this is a strawberry-flavoured tequila-based liqueur with a creamy not-too-sweet taste. Allergy: soybeans and milk products.year 0000

Toffee + Vodka 29%

Thunder Toffee Vodka Liqueur

  • Thunder Toffee Vodka is famous amongst the skiing fraternity and it's hard to resist this toffee-flavoured spirit, made with triple-distilled premium vodka and natural toffee syrup. Wonderfully bittersweet. year 0000

Tequila 38%

Jose Cuervo
Gold Tequila

  • Produced by the famous Jose Cuervo company, Especial Gold is a blend of reposado and unaged blanco Tequilas. It's a perfect choice for making Margarita cocktails, and has a mild agave flavour.year 0000

Tequila 38%

Jose Cuervo
Silver Tequila

  • Produced by the famous Jose Cuervo company, Especial Silver is a blend of reposado and unaged Blanco Tequilas. It's a perfect choice for making Margarita cocktails and has a mild agave flavour.year 0000

French Liqueur 20%

Midori Liqueur

  • An amazing melon liqueur originating from Japan. This is made from honeydew melons and the result is a stunning addition to many a cocktail. Midori is a premium quality melon liqueur, bright green in colour, with a light, refreshing taste of honeydew melon. year 0000
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